Gas Safety Check

Mr Gladstone 1 A Gas Safety check provides you with peace of mind with you gas appliances. As well as checking the function of the appliances I use a state of the art gas tester to analyse the flue gasses of the appliances. This tells me how efficiently the appliances are working and whether there are any dangerously high levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO)  present. I also check to make sure there is no CO leaking into the habitation area of the caravan.

The following items are checked:

  • Gas system pressure check
  • Operation and performance of regulator
  • Condition and age of hoses
  • Condition and security of all pipework
  • Security of gas bottles
  • Gas dispersal holes & ventilation
  • Operation of all gas appliances
  • Flue Gas Analysis
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide Spillage